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Cloudy Bay Clams Storm

Harvested in the deeper regions of the surf zone, 4 to 8 metres, the imposing Cloudy Bay Clams Storm Shell has a distinctive angular shell which is white with pale straw coloured bands. The smoother deep cupped shell holds a clam which is almost two separate parts – a long pearl white tongue and a deep ochre coloured body. With a total meat to shell ratio of more than 30%, the Storm Shell is unique in the world of shellfish. Ideal for use in single serves on the half shell or alone as meat and tongue, the Storm Shell is versatile, interesting and unique.

About Cloudy Bay Clams




Cloudy Bay Clams Storm 1kg

Quickly frozen alive, a single piece is as big as a palm, about 6-8 pieces in a single pack of 1kg.

The whole package should be refrigerated and defrosted, or soaked in 1% salt water after unpacking to thaw; or put in the refrigerator freezer to thaw slowly one day before use.

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